Father's Day via Coach and USPS

  1. I bought my daddy a most awesome black wallet for fathers day. then I overnighted that thing and to my surprise the usps delivers on sunday for express mail.

    so all day I harrassed my dad via the phone because he was everywhere in the state except home. my mom confirmed the arrival but I swear my daddy was finding all kinds of things to do yesterday instead of going home and opening my gift. he even went to freakin walmart and he NEVER goes to walmart. finally on my fifth call of the day he goes I know you want me to go home and open that wallet but daddy has things to do today.

    how did he know it was a coach wallet? because I gave my mom a coach handbag for mothers day!

    my dad stresses me out.
  2. awww how sweet! i don't think my dad would dig an expensive wallet, i think it would just stress him out. but i think it's sweet that you got him one. and cute that he figured you out.
  3. Update of sorts...

    So he didn't use it today. Because again, he was busy being daddy and apparently that takes up some massive amount of time. He promises to use it tomorrow...we shall see.