Fashionable tennis shoes???

  1. Okay, this isn't my usual hangout here on tpf! I have quite a few shoes but most days I wind up wearing jeans and tennis shoes. I just have to get really motivated to wear shoes that aren't really comfy.

    So, I'm trying to embrace my love for comfy shoes and find some kinda stylish tennis shoes that I can wear. I'm currently wearing some new balance and they aren't so great looking every single day.

    I know, there are other types of shoes I should wear. I have tried ballet shoes and will probably wear them when it warms up a bit. I really don't have problems in the warmer weather, its just the cooler weather when I need to cover up my feet that I have a problem.

    Any suggestions??? :graucho:
  2. I was going to suggest Pumas as well! Those Nanette skimmers are pretty cute though!
  3. cute!
  4. Another suggestion for Pumas :yes:
  5. slip on Pumas are comfortable AND cute!
  6. Pumas, Prada or Coach, Lacoste
  7. Thanks for the help!!
  8. Dior and Gucci. I think I've posted pics of my shoes in the respective threads (like Dior and Gucci), but I don't remember. Because I don't usually take pics hehe

    Chanel tennis shoes are not that comfortable.
  9. Hmm... I'd say J.Crew has some cute tennis shoes.
  10. Thanks! I might have to check J. Crew. They had some cute preppy stuff in there when I was in there last week but mine doesn't sell shoes.
  11. Puma by Alexander McQueen
  12. Ooooo... I love those Nanette Lepore.
  13. Why don't you take a look to Gola shoes? I bought a pair in London 2 years ago for £12.00 and they're doing a great job, they still look new
    Gola Classics