Fashion Week - No MJ?

  1. I was looking at the schedule for Fashion Week and I didn't see MJ listed anywhere. Is not showing a collection this time? Doesn't he usually show one at this time? I wanted to see new bags on the runway. :confused1:
  2. MJ and MbMJ will be showing at Fashion Week. The schedule on the official website doesn't include all designers (don't know why that is), but I've seen it on other schedules and they are showing!

    MJ is showing tomorrow night and I believe and MbMJ is showing on Tuesday morning from what I recall.

    Don't worry - I was as worried as you were when I didn't see his name on the schedule!!!
  3. Whew! That's a relief. I figured it had to be some sort of mistake why he wasn't on the schedule. Thanks telicious! I'll watch out for the pics tomorrow night and Tuesday.
  4. No problem! I'm so excited to see the new bags too!! :smile:
  5. i think one of the reasons some of the designers were not included in the original fashion week schedule was because many of them decided to show in venues outside of the tents. the schedule that is on the official website lists the designers that are showing in bryant park.

    i can't wait to see/drool over all the new clothes and accessories too! i hope he goes in a different direction for spring. i would like to see something other than quilting and chains.