Fashion Week: Marc Jacobs After Party

  1. Hey girls,

    I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about the Marc Jacobs after party here in New York this coming Monday. As a huge fan of his work over the last few years, I would love to go and meet and greet (I know I'm so cheese). Here's what I've found out about it so far:

    What: Marc Jacobs after-party
    Where: Eugene 27. W. 24th. St., nr. Fifth Ave.
    When: February 5, 9 p.m.
    Who: The Olsens, the Roitfelds, Jessica Stam and every model worth looking at.
    Why to go: If you have to ask, that's why you're not there.

    It doesn't say that you need an invite but I imagine it won't be a cake-walk to get in. Does anyone know anything about this or have any suggestions? Please let me know! :yes:
  2. I don't know anything about it, but I hope you get in! That would be so wicked!!!
  3. An acquaintance told me that her friends where once tourists in NYC, and struck up such a rapport with an SA at MJ (they didn't even buy anything), that they were invited to the fashion week after party! They attended and were completely starstruck. They said the designer himself was so gracious and friendly with everybody.
  4. Sounds fun! Tell us all about it, if you go!
  5. Oh, you should definitely try to go!! Even if you have to sneak in thru the back door. Or you could pretend that you're with the group that is walking in. Or even become buddies with the bouncer!
  6. I hope you get in. That would be so cool.
  7. I am definitely willing to try. Is anyone on the forum from the NYC area and would like to try with me? Imagine: The Adventures of the Purse Forum Members-- let me know because I'm serious!
  8. Oh I wish I did I'd go in a make that a a MILLISECOND!!!! I hope you get in!!! Good luck!! :heart: Emmy
  9. If I lived in NYC I would be right there with you! How I envy people who live there!!
  10. dress really nice and excentric and make sure you load yourself down with MJ. hope you get in, if i was in NYC, i'd totally try and sneak in with you!
  11. I soo want to go and I have the perfect outfit but I have no one as crazy as me to try with! Seriously if anyone from the forum wants to go, PM asap because after 10am today, I will be away from the computer for the rest of the day. If I don't find someone, I'm probably not going to go. :sad:
  12. oh try to go! Dress nice, and sexy! Oh, I hope you do go!
  13. I really want to BUT it won't be as fun as having someone to go with and enjoy giggling and all you know? Especially someone from the forum, we could sit there together like PF reporters.
  14. someone go with her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. so confused.....Marc Jacobs is having a party but he isn't showing anything?? He isn't listed on the designers showing this week per the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week website.