Fashion opinions needed (pics), please!!

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  1. I need to buy another dress to wear to a semi-formal event, but b/c of finances right now I'd like to get more than one wear out of it (with different accessories). I'm 40, size 6, assets: chest and legs;), like to hide: upper arms and waist.

    What do you think of this BCBG dress? I thought I could pair it at different times with black knee high boots, silver, black (if I need to tone it down), red/other colors. Grey is a good color for me. TIA:woohoo:
  2. The dress is definitely versatile, but I'm not sure I'd recommend it for you if you're trying to hide your waist (because it has a belt)? Not that you can't wear something just because it has a belt but I guess I'd picture you in something fitted at the bust with a natural waist.

    Is something like this not formal enough? (also from bluefly)

  3. That style would also look good on me, but I just bought a black jersey sheath (think Audrey Hepburn) as a little black dress. I also bought a BCBG black and muted silver brocade halter neck style dress, so I was looking for something not black but still versatile.

    I'd actually change the belt (I rarely ever wear the belt that's included with a dress b/c I don't think it looks good - that's what my mom taught me anywho!) to a wider belt. You're right, though, skinny belts don't look great on girls without small waists.

    I've been lurking a loooong time and know you all are a sophiticated bunch, so please give me your advice!
  4. tsjmom- I LOVE the dress you posted. I think it will look great on you and it sounds like it will suit your needs perfectly. With a killer pair of heels, a little clutch and some dangly earrings, that outfit will be drop dead sexy!!! :yes:
  5. Thanks Claire! That's the one (out of about 20!) that my DH liked too. I'm going with it!