Fashion Forward Or Fashion Victim?

  1. Rachel Bilson went with bold horizontal stripes while attending the Chanel launch party last night at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood. Do we love it or hate it?

    I do not like it at all !

  2. It's cute, but the wide stripes make a person look so wide, I probably wouldn't go for it! Lol..... I love the colors and the shape of the coat though! :yes:
  3. there's nothing relatively new about this.

    so i say fashion victim
  4. I think she looks adorable!
  5. I love her coat! how cute.... but... I don't think her entire fit is bold enough for fashion forward.
  6. kind of looks like it's about to swallow her. Its a little big and boxy to begin with.
  7. Victim. She cute, but still a victim.
  8. When her chin gets out of it, sure it's boxy and structure is in now. But when her chin is in it... she looks like a striped nervous turtle.
  9. Yeah, she looks like she's drowning in it in the second pix.
  10. Love It!
  11. It's very boxy, but she looks cute!
  12. she's so CUTE, but it looks a bit like a sac on her... oh well
  13. Absolutely Love it! Anyone know who's it by?
  14. she looks like she drowning in it. That being said she is still so adorable.
  15. I like it a lot, except for the collar. The collar looks like it's swallowing her.