Fashion Faux Pas?

  1. What do you think about sporting a white or turquois bag in the fall and winter? I seem to be drawn to older bags like the Kooba 'Lucy' and Michael Kors 'Palm Beach' but mostly in colors more associated with spring. Would I be making a big mistake to buy one now? :confused1:
  2. I think it depends on where you live. Here, in Canada, white or turquois bag in the fall/winter would look out of place. But then again, it's just my opinion. If I lived in CA or Florida, I would have no problem wearing those colors in the winter months.
  3. I think there is a big difference between white and turquoise.

    I agree that geography might play a role with white bags, although there is "winter white," which is a technical term for white that is worn during the winter, although there are people who will swear it is a synonym for a barely off-white color that is not quite cream.

    The bag in my avatar is the only turquoise bag I own, and I use it year-round. I live in a warm climate, but I would use it year round even if I lived on Inuit lands, maybe I am missing something but I have never heard of turquoise having any sort of seasonal or geographic implications, even by people living with fashion impalement**, even in the 1950s, even Episcopalians.

    ** A polite way of suggesting that an individual is plagued by the presence of a stick up their butt.
  4. Fashion impalement. I LOVE that!! :roflmfao:
  5. I really don't see anything wrong with that and personally would not notice. I used a white bag year round once and no one thought it odd but then I am in Southern California so that might play a big role in things since we don't really have "seasons" I say wear whichever color makes you happy.
  6. I live in Canada and do not think there is a problem with wearing white or turquoise bags in the winter. I wear black and dark brown all summer too.
  7. I live in Finland, and I find it completely acceptable to use brighter colours during the winter time. However, I tend to balance the effect by combining bright colours with black, grey and other dark colours.
  8. I think you should wear whatever you want whenever you want. My (almost) sister-in-law is a total stickler for that and doesn't even wear white underwear after labor day (yeah she is totally weird).

    I think that rule is silly and totally old fashioned!
  9. Living in new england where the seasons change - I personally wouldn't carry a white white bag in the winter - but I wouldn't look at someone else doing it & think they were wrong - I'm just used to not doing it. I love turquoise - that's what I'd go for if you want year round. Plus white typically get's dirty more easily.

  10. Different strokes for different folks I guess. No?

    Now, excuse me while I go and remove that stick from my butt.:rolleyes:
  11. I just burst out laughing when I read this...especially the Episcopalians!:yes::roflmfao:
  12. I didn't think you had a stick up your butt! You just live further north!
    I think that when a person gets to a certain age, or point in their life, or just tired of all the rules, or for whatever reason - it is so freeing to do what you want, wear white whenever you want, etc. Just do what makes YOU happy! I have a friend that wouldn't even OWN a pair of white shoes! :roflmfao: That kills me!:graucho:
  13. I think anymore, anything goes. Both colors would look great with black or grey. The only reason I don't usually wear white in winter is because I have so many great winter bags in darker colors and I want to carry them.
    To tell the truth I don't think I even own a white bag!
  14. ITA! Turquiose compliments "fall/winter" colors the best! I love to wear my turuiose jewelry with cream, brown, burnt orange, grey, and even black! So why not a turquise bag? Hmm... maybe I need to purchase one as well! We can fight this fashion faux pas thing together! :boxing:
  15. lol, rushing off to do the same....