Fans of Huge Bags

  1. Was just wondering if anyone on tPF really likes and has a lot of huge/oversized leather bags. Would appreciate members posting pictures of their bags for genuine leather bag lovers like me to see. I will also try and post some very soon
  2. [​IMG]
  3. That would be me!!! The bigger the better I say!! hehe :heart:

    I am saving up right now for the Anna Corinna City Tote...I cannot wait!

    I just love the look and feel of bigger bags, I am also 5'7 so little bags don't really look cute on me...I have lots of clutches for night time and going out to the bar/resturant... but I would take a big bag anyday!
  4. love love love
  5. Most of my bags are large. Here are some of them.





    I am not sure if Speedy 30's count but they hold a ton

  6. Olivia-Grey-307web-77428.jpg Josey-Blk-307web-55676.jpg
  7. i LOVE big bags and have lots of them.

    but my fave is my chanel original coco cabas in black caviar leather
  8. i love big bags too!! i just got myself a Balenciaga WORK's pretty big for an everyday bag, but i love it!!

    sorry if this is just a pic of the bag and not a modeling pic. ill post a modeling pic soon....
  9. I have lots of huge bags!!! LOVE them! I'll need to take some pictures soon!
  10. I have one, and the best part about it is that I was drawn to its appearance first. The reason this is such a good thing is that I have it for purely practical considerations. I'm not a large woman, so a huge bag is not going to be my choice for every day, nor should it be, but on those occasions where I need to carry around a lot of stuff, it is wonderful to be able to carry it in a bag whose floppy bronze beauty I also love for its ownself!
  11. thanks for all your responses. Its reassuring to hear that a lot of people still like large leather bags, keep the responses going and post new pics of your bags guys
  12. Oh big big Oops. I would like to extend a general apology to all, as you know, sometimes the pills make me a bit chatty, and in this case I just went off chatting without thinking things through.

    stock, if you don't mind, I believe I will refer back to the link below:
  13. I only have 1 - it's a large leather black MJ tote (I have pix somewhere in another MJ thread already) I use it for work sometimes & a class I'm taking for work - it's perfect for that & I love it. Otherwise, a bag that big is really too big for my everyday needs.
  14. well shimma puff the reason i have posted a new thread is because i kept seeing the message that its been long since i have posted a new thread, anyways if you do not like what i post u are most welcome to ignore it. I have never forced you to read my threads and reply, tPF is a forum where one can pen down their thought and post what they like the most, if the moderater still has a problem with my posts pls message me and i will withdraw my membership from the forum. A reply would be appreciated
  15. I love big bags, but sometimes I end up putting junks in it and it hurts my shoulder