Family Photo and "This or That?"

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  1. My very humble collection. Pulled all of them out for a family photo for insurance purposes. Trying to be satisfied with what I have but it's just so hard.

    I think I need something in Epi or more DE. Since I don't have an LV wallet yet, any suggestions? I'm torn between the Sarah in DE or Epi Corail.


    Close up of SLGs. The tassel is not an LV and is from eBay seller jennyleeinkorea.

  2. Ahh that Favorite in Azur! What size is that? I have the mono MM and I'm looking at getting the Azur in MM.
    I love both choices in wallets actually. Corail is a gorgeous pop of color that would just make me happy every time I pull it out. DE is a good classic choice. Depends on which one you would use often.
  3. lovely collection!
  4. It's the MM. I've used it every day since I bought it home. Turns out I don't miss carrying the kitchen sink with me! Wish I could have both wallets. You're so lucky :smile:

    Thank you!
  5. Lovely collection :smile: I'd actually get the corail I think. Because most of your bags are quite dark, it'd be lovely to pull out a pop of colour. Plus, the corail will only be around for a limited period of time whereas the damier is forever!
  6. Your collection is beautiful!
  7. I am so glad I asked because I did not know coral was a limited edition color! Hopefully i will be able to get it before it runs out!
  8. Beautiful collection!
  9. Oo then in this case get the corail! It's so gorg!
    I think we're both lucky to have what we have ;)
  10. Definitely. Two years ago my sister gave me her Neverfull as a hand-me-down. I could have never imagined buying one for myself. Now....well.....I feel very happy when I look at my collection. Although there is always the "just one more" factor, I'm always counting my blessings :smile:
  11. Beautiful collection!!!

    I vote for corail!!! I have the zippy coin purse in corail and I loooooove it! Thinking of getting the Sarah in Corail too as the zcp is too small for everyday!
  12. I'm not 100% sure so I hope someone else can chime in, but I thought it was just for the spring/ summer collection. I'm hoping to get something in this colour ASAP x
  13. Beautiful collection, thanks for sharing! I think the Epi in Corail would be perfect.
  14. Epi corail will go fab with your collection. Beautiful colour!
  15. Great collection, love the charms!!