Family Feud

  1. Does anyone watch this?

    I remember when my brother and I would visit my cousins and we'd spend the morning watching this and The Price Is Right.

    It's fun to yell out answers to the screen (and it's fun to see where your answer ranked.)

    You can tell when someone's answer is going to get a strike when they have to explain it too much.

    (And I'd just LOVE it if instead of saying, "Good answer!" they'd say "What? That sucks!")

    It's a fun gameshow to watch and the hosts are great.
  2. my mom loves this show!

    i like wheel of fortune better though.
  3. I just watched it tonight along with a few other shows. I think it's fairly entertaining, but this one takes the cake:

    "Name something that women wear that hurts"
    And the girl's answer: Nipple.

  4. crap i forgot this was on :sad:
  5. Regualar family fued or the celebrity family fued??

    Either one I truly enjoy :smile:
  6. haven't seen it in ages
  7. I watch it when I catch it channel surfing. I think it comes on in the evening right? I always loved the fast cash round!

    Price is right and wheel of fortune are good too. I always scream out answers at the television when I watch shows like this!!