Familia Nuvola pictures...

  1. I was thinking about a Familia Nuvola and Casey @ Pulse was nice enough to e-mail me pictures of the 3 that she had. None of them are quite my "ideal" bag. (I'm not sure really sure what my ideal bag is in Familia actually) but I thought you guys might like to see what it looks like. As of right now I think all 3 are available.
    familia nuvola.JPG
  2. Isn't is famiglia not familia?
  3. yup, famiglia but it's just a minor mistake we all know what it is... hehehe us toki addicts... but I was on the phone with a SA and she pronounced it familia hehe I was like am I saying it wrong?? but oh well...

    robotkitten: Thanks for the post! I was wondering what it looked like on this nuvola.... I don't care for it as much... I really like it on the zucca!
  4. Surprisingly, the nuvola looks good on the famiglia compared to some other prints cuz it looks more uniform... sometimes the nuvola's look weird if the placement is off. But these look cute...
  5. I always get the names wrong. I'm kind of a crap speller anyway. sorry.
  6. Wow.. I agree with moofia.. the Famiglia print looks really nice in a nuvola! Even though I'm not that fond of this print.. it DOES look nice compared to some other prints.
  7. The Famiglia print works better than most other prints for the Nuvola style!
  8. Uh... I want one but it's so much easier to spend $100 than almost $200. Bleh. Is anyone getting one? I sold my Inferno Nuvola when I bought my Inferno trenino so now I'm Nuvola-less :sad:
  9. famiglia is pronounced 'familia' in english. no 'g' sound in there. just an fyi ;)
  10. okay, so I was just spelling it phonetically then :yes:
  11. Looks nice in the nuvola...I like the middle one because its got Ciao-Ciao in front :heart:

    Thanks for posting the pics robotkitten!
  12. Famiglia = Family in Italian! :graucho: