Fall Price Increase

  1. Hi, I've never been on the waiting list before and am currently on one at Saks for a classic flap.

    If you pre-order now, and the bag only comes in Sept, and there is a price increase... do you actually pay the current price or the pre-price increase amount?

  2. u will pay for the higher price.
    I just found out the expandable flap I have from last season went from 2350 to 2600 ish..WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!It comes in brown now..But I dont want to spend THAT!
  3. You have to pay the increase.

    Unless you're waiting for a certain color that isn't out (or won't be until fall), I'd actually look to see if you can find the classic flap elsewhere. I got lucky and I got mine the day I called to see if my SA had one.
  4. oh i thought this thread discuss about "there will be price increase on chanel" for fall lol