Fall colors in stores...when?

  1. Does anyone know when the fall colors (ferro, camel, etc.) will hit the stores? I will be in Las Vegas beginning of August, and I really hope to see what ferro and scala look like IRL. Those pictures on Saks and Neimans.com are just not good enough! I foresee a veneta in ferro joining my ever growing BV collection in the near future!
  2. The new store in Singapore already has some Fall/Winter pieces. I've seen Ferro, Camel, Carmino and Blonde, all of which are GORGEOUS! :biggrin:
  3. BV at Rodeo Drive has a few fall items in the store, but they are not on display yet. My SA was showing me a few bags and wallets in Blonde, Red, Green, and Seafoam Blue (:drool:).
  4. Not yet by me...just talk.