Fall Coach List....

  1. Here is my list - wondering when I can get any of it???? If I'm understanding sprinkles right, the Chelsea stuff will be out next week and she mentioned it can be ordered....during PCE?

    Picture #1 - Abbey Flap in tobacco #10971 $798 (can I order a Mandy right now and exchange later????) also in this picture Daphne Charm Bracelet #94105 $198 - I'm so glad I didn't get the Ali in whiskey, I like this one much better!

    Picture #2 - Chelsea wristlet - mineral #40797 $98 - now this can be ordered now, right? Legacy Scarf #98210 $48

    Picture #3 - Chelsea Hobo #10959, mineral $398 - and again, since this comes out next week, can it be ordered?
    Fall Coach 3.JPG fall Coach.JPG Fall Coach 4.JPG
  2. That's what I want. The Chelsea Hobo #10959, mineral or the large python one.
    And I also want the lion keyfob but I was told no. =(
  3. I want something purple - either the new Hamptons carryall or the wristlet, probably the wristlet since it's a fraction of the price.
  4. I'm not an SA and don't know the answer for certain, but I know past PCEs have specifically excluded new lines, so I would imagine these things are generally a no-go for the 25% off. however, if you're on good terms with a particular SA, it may not be a bad idea to ask.
  5. Argh... after seeing all of the Fall stuff... I don't want any of the older bags at PCE!! I want one of these new bags!!
  6. I have to wait until I can get my hands on an actual copy of the catalogue before I can make my list. Judging from the pictures though, I will be spending a couple thousand dollars this fall. There are many scarves I want, a couple bags, and I am DEFINITELY getting those camel colored pumps. Good Lord they're sexy.
  7. Does anyone know how big that Chelsea hobo is? I've got my eye on it, too, and if it's bigger than the ergo hobo (which I'm iffy about keeping the turquoise one I just ordered anyway), then the ergo is DEFINITELY going back and I'm getting that Chelsea! It's amazing! :drool:

  8. I feel totally the same way:yes:
  9. Here's my Fall List, don't know prices or names so if anyone can hep me out that'd be great!

    Both bags



  10. I LOVE that Abbey Flap! If I can fit a laptop in that puppy, I'm going to be in serious trouble! I will definitely be selling other bags to buy that one!
  11. I called 1-800 Coach and they say that these items are available to order now. I am going to go to my boutique where my SA knows me very well and see if I can order any of the new stuff. If I cannot I will just exchange what I have (two other bags which I purchased that total $920 and exchange them for two new items). You could also just order a Chocolate Carly for $398 and exchange it next week to the Chelsea. I might do that as well. Good luck to us all trying.:tup:
  12. ooh, that's right, Carly's are $398 and the mineral chelsea is the same. Awesome!
  13. Technically you can't use PCE on it, but I can never say no ;)
  14. I want something purple for sure. And those suade embossed bags are tdf.
  15. I have the catalogue. Gonna do my wishlist. See what I can get now and then save the rest. Will post my wishlist later.