Fall 2006 Marc Jacobs Bags

  1. [​IMG] Gold metallic python small frame bag.

    Chestnut leather satchel.

    [​IMG] Leopard fur Kim bag. (Named after Lil' Kim?)

    [​IMG] Black quilted fur Natasha bag.

    [​IMG] Mini mustard quilted cord Maggie bag.
    [​IMG] Slate leather satchel.
    [​IMG] Soft box Alfred bag.

  2. Thanks for the pics! I've already listed Alfred as my #1 want. There's another one I've been yearning for but it's not on the slate (suede with tortoise shell chain). Does anyone know the price of Alfred???
  3. Oh my goodness, the Alfred bag is toooooooo cute! :love: Thanks for posting!!
  4. they are so expensive this season! love the Alfred
  5. I am kind of digging the Alfred too!
  6. looove the alfred!
  7. The Gold metallic python small frame bag is my favorite out of the ones I posted. I prefer the runway ones to the classics so that one will probably be my favorite of the season.
  8. I'm not in love or in lust, but I could have a fling with the Alfred. Keep 'em coming Marc.
  9. love the chestnut in leather and the Alfred too!
  10. LOL. Coachwife6, you are so funny. =)
    I would prefer Small Frame bag in a different material. Both satchels look nice. My favorite is also Alfred.

    Sonya, thanks for sharing the pictures. =)
  11. yikes! mj is REALLY raising his prices for the fall! the alfred is gorgeous though. time to save up!
  12. Just received a call from SA at Nordstrom SD. A shipment of new MJ bags came today: Flap Satchel, Blake, Multipocket, etc.
    I inquired about Amethyst, SA thinks their buyers probably didn't get this color b/c it doesn't show up in their system. SA will find out & get back to me later. If it's true, I'm disappointed! They didn't get Ursula Elise & many styles in Blush last season!

    Answers to some of our concerns, my phone was breaking up in the office so I will confirm these later? =)
    1. Many of the bags (returning and newly introduced styles like Swagger) still have suede linings! =)
    This season's Linen Blake has brown suede lining (used to be blue). Stam/Bowler/etc have canvas lining.

    2. Gold hardware! =(

    3. Contrast Stitching? (We all know about Cashew's obvious contrast stitching)
    The ones I asked don't! =) If I heard the info correctly, Black Blake has Brown stitching.
  13. they are all lovly.
  14. Thanks for posting pics of the fall bags, Sonya! I'm really not loving MJ's bags for fall. :hrmm: I guess that's good news for my wallet.:P