Fall 2006: Creme de la Steamer!

  1. Hi all! The pic is from Vogue's August issue p.314 (last page). I just wanted to share it with y'all and you can get it for a cool 7700$:wtf: while I sit back and stare at its awesomeness! :love:
  2. Nice, but the price is:crybaby: .Thanks for the pic!:flowers:
  3. not a fan, but it may grow on me
  4. ^^^ My thoughts EXACTLY!!!:yes:
  5. It looks strange to me.. I am not sure.
  6. too busy for me plus the price is so high.Thanks for the pic
  7. Not my style. I'd rather buy different LV pieces than spend that much on one bag.
  8. Hummm.. is that a bag or RoadKIll?!?!?

    7g... I'll pass.
  9. IMO: I really really really don't like it. :yucky:
  10. Blah.. really doesn't do it for me !
  11. I agree with bagsnbags, it's too busy for me too.
  12. It's very unique but not my cup of tea. I'd like to see it in person though. Maybe I'll change my mind.
  13. I'm sorry, but that bag is not very pretty. Too many things going on at once! It looks like oscar the grouch found some purse parts in his trashcan and sewn them together. :lol:
  14. Not a fan, too busy.
  15. I love this bag