Fall '04 Lilac City on ebay (from dude)

  1. Mmmmm, I can't wait for the rest of the photos
  2. No photos :sad: I might want this one too. :sad: lol
  3. Good job chigirl!! Who was looking for a lilac?
  4. Well I kind of was wanting the 04' Lilac among others. But I am sure someone else was too.
  5. firstclass1 !!!

    I've emailed her!
  6. So since I am relatively new to the forum, how do you guys do the eBay thing? I mean if there is something on eBay that multiple people want, is it first come first serve? I wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings by out bidding them first, since I am new. :shame:
  7. I think people are happy if someone in the PF gets what they want! Meaning, whoever gets it gets it. Things get sold again, sometimes quickly, and it's good to have connections here.
    I don't want this bag and firstclass1 has "i want a lilac 04" as her little thingy under her name...she REALLY wants it to complete her collection!
  8. I guess I ask because I really would like to get this one and I don't want to piss anyone off.
  9. aw, that was a tease! where are the photos!? :lol:
  10. dang no pics and ALREADY a bid.
  11. That is a pretty steep price! I would love to see pics...that color is gorgeous.
  12. YES .... it's me who's looking for this '04 Lilac city weeks ago !!! Thank you so much chigirl and winona (unfortunately i've not received your email ?). I just wacked up and saw this thread .... and ... it's already a bid on this bag (not mine) !! WOW I'm very excited now ... please cross your fingers - I MUST HAVE it :yes:;) !! THANKS AGAIN !

  13. Oh YES sweetie .... you're soooooooo right ;) !!! THANKS AGAIN ! :kiss:
  14. bleh no photos.