1. I'd say fake.
  2. Yes I see some horrible fakes
  3. A real retailer isn't allowed to sell their merchandise like that. You can't just call up LV or Coach and say that you want to buy the bags at wholesale.
  4. I only looked at the LVs and they are FAKE:tdown::tdown:.
  5. Yuck! Extremely!
  6. LOL Obviously fake - just look at the prices - its just too good to be true, not to mention that you can't really get a lot of these at wholesale
  7. Absolutely fake!!!!!!
  8. So fake I can smell the plastic odors coming through the screen!
  9. Wow... I can't believe this guy is willing to put himself out there like that! I will be more shocked if people actually buy from him.
  10. :roflmfao: Agreed! :yes: