Fake Vibrato?

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  1. Is there such a thing? I recently purchased a vibrato herbag for a song and wondering if it's because it's fake. I have never heard of fake Vibrato before though. Should I get it authenticated?
  2. You should get it authenticated. It will bring you peace of mind and then you'll be able to enjoy the bag.
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  3. My guess is that it is authentic. If it was a great deal I would not add to the cost by having it authenticated. Never heard of fake Vibrato, it was pretty complicated to manufacture. Remember I am guessing.
  4. I have had similar thoughts about vibrato and its complexity too.
    Why put all that effort into vibrato when you more easily knock up a Birkin.?!
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  5. i have gone to a secondhand shop and felt real vibrato and it feels very similar. it is thick to the touch!
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