fake ramona

  1. This site is great!
    I have just realised i have sooo badly brought a fake Ramona
    It doesn't even look as good as some fakes shown on this site.
    I feel like such an idiot!
    Mine is tan with silver hardware! I cant even say that it is genuine leather.
  2. Welcome to the club. Most everyone gets burned at sometime. Especially on eBay, where 95%+ of the JChoo bags are fake.

    Take a look at this thread... http://forum.purseblog.com/jimmy-choo/fake-jc-romonas-rikis-what-to-watch-for-118020.html
  3. Thanks,pictures are really helpful.
    Yes unfortunately i did buy mine on eBay
    I would love to get my money back but eBay are so difficult to contact.
    What do i do with it now? Its horrid!
  4. Try to get your $$ back. Did you pay with paypal? You can't resell it on e-bay knowing it is fake, it is against the law. I have a fake Kooba (that actually looks quite authentic) I keep hanging in the corner to remind me of all the fake bags on e-bay!
  5. Yes i did pay with paypal.
    I have not used the bag its still as i recieved it.
    I will have to save up until i can afford the real thing!
  6. mel33roo -
    What was the eBay item number? You should try and get your money back. If this was a recent purchase...less than 60 days, you have a much better chance. File a dispute with eBay and with Paypal. If you e-mail the seller, make sure to save and print out a copy of all communication. If you paid with your credit card through eBay, contact your credit card company about it.

    jmcadon is absolutely correct...I do not know which country you are in, but in the US, the act of selling that bag is a federal crime. :true:

  7. Thanks.I have contacted ebay and will let you know what happens.
    In the mean time what do you think of this?
    ebay item no #110177177358
    Lining is described as suede and not mole skin,although jimmy choo website describes the lining as suede.
    I am in the uk
  8. I think that one is fake as well, Im not 100% positive but the zipper looks weir.
  9. FAKE FAKE FAKE!!! :cursing:
  10. File a claim immediately with Paypal. They will go to bat for you. E-bay is useless! I have had this happen twice recently and have gotten my money back both times. Take pics of the fake bag for documentation. Do not send it back until paypal tells you to. Sometimes just filing the claim will get the seller to refund. Have you contacted the seller yet to advise them it is fake? Be polite and ask for your money back, but file the claim right now!
  11. I have contacted seller,no response!
    Did anyone manage to get their hands on the jungle python bag?
  12. I have just looked on ebay and found a bag for sale that is exactly the same as the one i brought,not from the same seller though.#230177493959
    Same JC silver plate inside etc.
    Should it say anywhere on the bag that it is leather?
  13. Yes - looks really fake. There are so many things about this bag that say FAKE! I wonder if that seller called it a "rumona" rather than a real name, because it isn't even a faked Ramona :wtf:

    The interior lining of an authentic JC is made from a soft sueded synthetic fabric. Some people call it suede, even when it isn't. It is not the Ultrasuede brand, which I use often, in my own business. But it is a really great quality fabric (in the 40-50 bucks a yard range) that is similar or the same as used in the Brahmin brand.

    I looked in a few of my JC bags and there is no tag indicating the materials of construction.

    Hope you can get your money back. Also, if you can, visit a JChoo boutique or other shop that has the authentic bags. You can learn a lot by seeing the real thing.

    About the Jungle python... a member here from Finland got the Marin clutch...lucky girl!
  14. It is my birthday soon so i am hoping if I'm a good girl to get my first REAL JC!
    Mahala jungle python is fab, i really like it. It's in the sale at the moment but i would probably get attacked if i brought it because of the animal cruelty thing. People would go crazy about it here!