(Fake) Paddington on BBC's Hotel Babylon

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  1. Hi everybody, I'm back from my bag slumber! :tup:

    Anyway, last night I was watching Hotel Babylon on BBC America and noticed a scene where one of the hotel guests was boasting of her wealth to her friend who happens to be one of the reception staff at Hotel Babylon. I couldn't help but notice the black medium satchel Paddy. They did a close up of the bag to stress her wealth but the paddy was a fake! The hardware was a very, very shiny gold and I didn't notice the Chloé etched on the leather strip around the padlock. Did anybody else watch Hotel Babylon last night? :graucho:
  2. welcome back eucalyptic....no I didn't watch that show....but I hate it when celebs and tv shows use fakes!!!
  3. Eucky!! You're back.:woohoo: We've missed you.:welcome: I knew your purse ban was up in October so I was hoping for an appearance. So odd, after getting the email from Sacoche today I was thinking of you and bam...here you are.:heart: BTW I'm proud of your resistance! You're quite a gal.

    No I didn't see the show? Isn't it funny how a fake screams in your face now? It's all the educational information from this sophisticated blog.
  4. Yay! You're back!!! We've missed you! :dothewave:

    That show doesn't get shown in Australia anymore. I think I saw like one episode. Why are TV shows using fakes as props?! So wrong.
  5. eucalyptic! It is so wonderful to hear from you again! Like susie - I was wondering about you this morning since it was you that first introduced the world to Sacoche. You have superior sleuthing skills AND you are a lot of fun. Welcome back! Are you ready to buy something now?
  6. Thank you for the warm welcome, ladies! Yes, November is almost here! Time seemed to go faster when I didn't come here everyday to drool over your purchases. I spent my days watching network TV instead, and that's how I spotted the fake paddy on BBC.

    susieserb, it wasn't completely bag free, those couple of months. I did buy one bag (JUST ONE!) when I went on holiday in July and it was a lesser now French brand but definitely not less in quality or design. One of these days I'll write a post about it.

    mona_danya, I know! It's one thing if they meant to show them as fakes but in this case they were trying to flaunt wealth. Oh well.

    leanbeanie, I hope they haven't cancelled the show yet in the UK! It's sort of my guilty pleasure! heheeh

    divnanata, oddly enough, I no longer get emails from Sacoche! I guess it's because I haven't bought anything from them for a while now! I am eyeing something from Chloé but now can't bring myself to pay full price for anything. Hopefully November brings us staggering sales. I want that bag!
  7. I think that TV shows and movies use a lot of fakes. I think that they have to pay the companies or get permission to show the real thing with the brand names showing.
  8. I wondered the same thing about that movie "Little Man" with the Whyans (sp?) Brothers... They show this Chloe Paddington there that looks shiny and rather stiff.
  9. kiss_p, I think you're right. This is exactly what happened in the Transformers movie. It's just interesting because this is actually free publicity for them unless they don't want too many people buying their products.
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