fake Onatah?

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  1. I am just wondering if the yellow suede Onatah (or any Onatah) has been faked or not yet ... coz I've seen people selling them on eBay for cheap. :confused1:
  2. Sadly, yes!:sad: There are many fakes floating on eBay and iOffer in yellow and brown.:cursing:
  3. sad sad :crybaby:

    Thanks though!
  4. :cursing: This is a shame.
  5. yeah.. some counterfeiters have been pretty fast.. as soon as pics are on vuitton.com or leaked anywhere of future season bags.. they're out just about a month before they premiere in the stores. bad fakes of course, but then about a month after they've been in stores, the mirror fakes appear as well. it's a little ridiculous at this point.
  6. ^^ Yeah those copying jerks are fast !
  7. :cursing: yeah I've seen fake stamp bags at Ebay already..
  8. hehe- once I saw a fake GREEN onatah on ebay! I did a thread on it a long time ago............
  9. I did a google search for "onatah pochette" yesterday and saw TONS of fakes. One website wsa confusing, the name was very close to eluxury, but it was all fakes allegedly handcrafted by some chinese seamstress in paris or something.
  10. So, what are some of the obvious signs of a fake onatah and onatah flures?(for some of us who would really like to know):confused1:
  11. almost all LV's are faked it almost brings tears to my eyes:crybaby:
  12. You are so right. It must make LV sad too.
  13. Pretty much all is faked. I hate it!!
  14. Yup, if LV makes it, it's most likely faked.
  15. Lining and heat stamps are obvious.
    This topic is old, actually it would have been better in the Authenticate This LV area. :yes:
Thread Status:
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