Fake LV with identity crisis

  1. LMAO she says it has 33 "gorgeous" colors :lol:

  2. :wondering :blink: :lol:
  3. Why do they leave the hangtags on!!!!!!

  4. That is WICKED awful:blink:
  5. There are just SO MANY things that are wrong with that auction I don't even know where to begin!!!:wacko:
  6. :amazed: ****Gasp*******
  7. Good grief. :wacko:
  8. Very funny! What is that atrocious contraption supposed to be...... it looks like they cut up a few different bags and tried to combine them into one little one!
  9. owww, that's ugly. alarming that there are 18 bidders, though.
  10. [​IMG] That's probably the worst one I've ever seen!
  11. nah. the worst i've seen was something like that (they're trying to copy the ostritch wrapped pochette in monogram and purple ostritch btw), but MC on one side, pink/purple suedeish wrapping around it.. and dalmatien on the other side!
  12. Eeeek.
  13. It reminds me of a cross between LV and Gucci. :lol:
  14. gross