Fake Fake...

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  1. hello every one.
    im Gabeirlla im new to this website but i love louis vuitton.

    this is my fact...

    Ok i live in Canada,alberta, sherwood park and i have a mall in my city. And it is called Sherwood Park Mall. They have for sure 5 stores that sell fakes the store are called. The Den, Guccin and learher co. and other stores. i have called louis vuitton. At 1-866-vuitton and i what happens if louis vuitton dose not do anything what should i do?

    i really want these stores to be shut down. I HATE fakes

    what sould i do about this?:smile:
  2. I would report them to LV online on their website. I did it for a couple of things like LaPerle.com but I think you can do that for brick-n-mortar stores too.
  3. Thanks
  4. oh, something was posted about this , hold on , to follow
  5. :welcome:
  6. I think Charleston-Mom did some reporting of websites selling fakes.....maybe she can help! Although that would be American authorities....not sure about Canada!
  7. I am from Edmonton and I know the stores you are speaking about. I think their bags are somewhat shaped like LV's but they have different symbols and no LV's on the bag so I'm not sure if anything could be done.
  8. maybe ask the local authorities for help? :shrugs: