Fake Fake...


Oct 16, 2006
hello every one.
im Gabeirlla im new to this website but i love louis vuitton.

this is my fact...

Ok i live in Canada,alberta, sherwood park and i have a mall in my city. And it is called Sherwood Park Mall. They have for sure 5 stores that sell fakes the store are called. The Den, Guccin and learher co. and other stores. i have called louis vuitton. At 1-866-vuitton and i what happens if louis vuitton dose not do anything what should i do?

i really want these stores to be shut down. I HATE fakes

what sould i do about this?:smile:
I am from Edmonton and I know the stores you are speaking about. I think their bags are somewhat shaped like LV's but they have different symbols and no LV's on the bag so I'm not sure if anything could be done.