Fake Ediths?

  1. Roz is selling this long Edith: 9317312466

    The same photograph, slightly cropped, appears in lebagboutique's auction: 6873548388.

    I trust Roz as I've had had several authentic Chloe items from her, including a whiskey Edith.

    A few of lebagboutique's bags, for example a turquoise Edith, 6873246122, are also illustrated with Roz's pictures (6882423229).

    This has made me look extra hard at all of lebagboutique's Ediths.

    6873546081 is for a whiskey Edith. The pictures appear to be original pictures of a fake - I would say the handles look wrong and look like the handles of bags that are sold as replica Ediths.

    6880466234 might be a real whiskey Edith, but the opening price is $2,400!

    Taupe paddy 6842389789 looks like a stock photograph of an authentic bag. In fact, a lot of the bags, including the croco paddy, look like they have stock photos.

    I was seriously considering a paddy tote from lebagboutique until I looked a bit harder - now I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole!

    It's frightening to realise how easy it is to get ripped off!:amazed:
  2. Hmm... while I can't imagine why she would have Roz's pics, lebagboutique sells authentic (waaay overpriced) bags. I've noticed that she uses a lot of stock photos but some of the time she'll replace them midway through her auction. I believe she orders from NAP and LVR and lists them before she has the actual bag. That itself is not cool because we're not seeing the actual bag that she's selling (although again, she'll put real pics up eventually sometimes). I've watched a lot of her auctions and I've never questioned the authenticity of any of her stuff, but I wouldn't bid for the other reasons I mentioned.
  3. Ditto Daisy, and on others I think she lists other peoples/boutiques/eBayers mdse and has worked out a commission - and/or tacked a huge extra cherry on top. I think she mentions something like that in her ME page. I had a panic/aha moment when I noticed she used the photos of bobellisshoes' Mulberrys. But she tacked $1k onto the price of it! Then I presume she buys it if YOU buy it and has it shipped - whatever. I guess some people have that kind of $$ and don't realize how to find it retail. And I've noticed or was I imagining it that Roz has been using the same photos for multiple auctions lately?
  4. OK. I asked Roz about the photos, and it turns out lebagboutique has permission to use them, as lebagboutique sources the bags from Roz. Hence the high prices, I guess, because of customs duties etc. to get them from the UK to the US. Sorry, lebagboutique, wherever you are, for jumping to conclusions about the photos! But one of the whiskey Ediths, 6873546081, still looks wrong to me. Maybe lebagboutique isn't even aware, but it looks like a replica.
  5. Hi Everyone!

    Thank you for your retraction regarding Roz's photos in my listings. Yes, we do work together to bring authentic bags to ebay. It is a challenging task, as fake bag sellers dominate the system (you all know that). Roz and I are in constant communication and work together well.

    Regarding the listing- I purchased this bag myself from Neiman Marcus. Not a chance that it is counterfeit.

    Thanks for asking~

  6. ooops. NO advertising here!
  7. The Whiskey in that auction looks fine to me...
  8. $2,400.00 for an Edith?