Fake denim Speedy highlighted in SF publication!

  1. OK, I am so embarrassed for this magazine right now ... one of our local magazines called 7x7 just came out with its May issue. One of the highlighted articles is about luxury. One of the people interviewed said that she splurges every once in a while and her latest splurge was a $1,500 LV denim Speedy. I looked at the picture and you could see it was a fake from a MILE away! Even more gross, the picture was of her kissing the bag! :yucky:

    I couldn't believe that a magazine touting luxury items was dumb enough to show something like that. I already emailed the editor in chief and told them. If anyone wants a good laugh (or turn green :wtf: ) be sure to look at the issue!
  2. that's pretty bad and horrifying for LV lovers like us. the publication should have done their homework. or they should have interviewed one of you bay area tPFers to ensure that we're talking about authentic luzury goods! :biggrin:
  3. Hilarious. Can you scan a picture? Hehe.
  4. ewwww. gross! do you have any pics?
  5. Sure, here's a pic of the offender and her fake bag. Note the feet on the bottom and the leather strip, which of course are not on real denim Speedys!

  6. O M G. that is horrendous!!
  7. Yikes!! :yucky: And the picture.. :wtf: :roflmfao:
  8. Am I the only one finding this hilarious? She's making such a fool of herself. if it's not a real photo it makes me wonder why they didn't just ask the stor for a real speedy for the shoot.
  9. Awful fake, awful photo! How incredibly tacky, they really should have done some research if they want to be considered credible. Who is that girl in the picture kidding? That photo is just gross...
  10. OMG tacky isnt the word!
  11. I feel more embarrassed for her than anything, she has made such a show of herself. Even doing a magazine interview about luxury goods sporting a fake haha :roflmfao:
  12. Ooooh that is so sad and disgusting :sick: But also kinda funny. I just hope she didn't get the fake thinking it was real (eg a rotten eBay seller), but then again, if she knows it s a fake, that's just hilarious on her behalf.
  13. Here's her quote in the article: "I just got this Louis Vuitton handbag a couple of months ago. It cost about $1,500, which is a lot for denim! I save money like crazy, and when I finish a project I go get something big. The item before this purse was a silver Tiffany cuff. I have no credit cards. I only buy something if I know I can afford it."

    Hmm, I wonder if the Tiffany cuff is fake too? :rolleyes:
  14. OMG, does she think its real? I feel bad for her if she paid that much for a fake....yikes
  15. I wrote a quick email to the mag.