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  1. Hi Ladies....my Boyfriend Bought Me A Coach Purse For Vday The Other Day And I Want To Make Sure It Real. Lol..hahahaha...how Do I Know If Its Fake Or Not?? Its Really Nice And Looks Real To Me! He Says It Jsut Came Out? But I Just Want To Be Sure...i Can Post A Picture But Im Not Sure How ....but The Front Of The Handbag It Says "this Is A Coach Bag It Was Handcrafted From The Finest Materials Its Superior Craftsmanship And Attention To Detail Reflect Our Commitment To Enhduring Quality. Than At The Bottom It Says No Co6k-10126. Pls Help Ladies! Thanks
  2. Hi...is it the Signature Tote with a stripe at the bottom?
  3. Please post all authenticity questions in the Authenticate This thread stickied at the top of the forum. If you post a picture as well, we can tell you if its authentic or not.
  4. Why don't you just ask your boyfriend if he got it at a Coach store? If he did, it's authentic. Easy answer. :smile: Or look for your bag on Coach.com. If it just came out, it will be there.
  5. yeS THATS totally my bag, but its a red strip instead of brown, and has that big sign w/ that label that i was telling you about...and Uhmmm i obviously asked him that already, why would i post on here if i havent already done that. =) I'll be more than happy to move this thread to the right forum, how do i post a picture?
  6. Well if you asked him that already...and he told you he got it at a Coach store...then why are you asking if it's authentic? I'm sorry, I just don't understand. Do you think he's lying to you? I think I must have missed something.

    As for the big sign with the label..have you turned the bag inside out? What you're talking about is probably the creed. Those totes are reversible. :smile:
  7. i agree with stophle, if he said he got it at the coach store it is real
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