fake citizens humanity jeans...

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  1. I read a post on ebay saying that the back of the front button closure should have "original" on it and not the H...if its the H its fake..can one of you ladies check your jeans and tell me what you see...muah muah :love:

  2. Huh?

    The back of the button on mine (from last year) has the H logo.

    They are not fake. They are from Neimans.
  3. ^^^^err I dunno, I just read that on an ebay post..maybe she is wrong!! I don't mean the snap buttons, I mean the actual button to close the front of your jeans, do they have H on them too?
  4. I looked at my 3 Citizens (all from Neimans or eluxury)... all have H on the front button that closes the jean.
  5. i read the same thing and i don't think it's accurate. i was at bloomies the other day and looked at their buttons. script 'h' all the wayyyy!
  6. Yes, the back of the button should have the H.
  7. i bet it was someone selling fakes COHs trying to convince everyone that a sign of a fake is really what the real thing has.
  8. That is totally brazen of them. The nerve!