Faithful to one bbag style or like variety?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I have one bbag city now and am seriously considering purchasing a Part-time, (i really liked the size and shape IRL) but a part of me would like to get another city instead and keep them all uniform and same style...something about having a collection in the same style seems so nice and neat...even fun! does this make any sense? For instance I would be able to store them all stacked up on top of each other without any being longer or wider...and it would be nice to look at all the diff. colors together in the same style...

    so, I was wondering, how many of you stay faithful to just one style of bbag like the city, work, or day (could u specify which?)...or is the more different styles you own, the merrier?

    For some, I noticed patterns in collections like keeping their collection all in the blue family... I would be interested in knowing about this too...

    THANKS a lot in advance for ur posts! :flowers:
  2. It's me again..i just read Oh Donna's thread "so, what's in your collection...?" and it pretty much answers my variety question? sorry! :hrmm:
    but i would still like to hear about those of you who only collect one style and why... or if there is some kind of pattern to your collecting...just find this very interesting! :idea:
  3. I would collect/buy only the Purse style if I could since they are retiring, but the Purse in good condition in any color seems to be very elusive!
  4. Love the City and Twiggy, like the First shape, wish it was bigger, do NOT like the Day/Hobo, too deep, strap hurts, really don't like the part time, too long, love the purse style but no shoulder strap and I cannot deal with dirty handles and I don't want to have to worry about it all the time. All of my bags with no shoulder strap seem to sit in the closet. I like my hands free. :yes:
  5. i have two cities right now and i love them both! The city seems to be my favorite style because i can wear it two different ways and its big enough for day and okay for going out at night. I take my black city everywhere! She never leaves my side.:love:
  6. I like several styles, but definitely not all Bal creations... Love city and first/classique. Love the older hobo style. All of the above can stay on my shoulder, and city and first have the option of hand-carrying.
    Like the day, but don't own it, so can't say anything about it yet. Don't like the twiggy or part-time (too long), don't like the purse (un-motorcycle in spirit), or the bigger bags (the work and weekender are just too big). Like the accessories, but too expensive to give them a shot...
  7. Not faithful to any one style. Have 2 day bags, 2 cities, a twiggy and 1 purse
  8. Since I have to carry on the shoulder, I stick to purse and day styles.
  9. hmmm, my fav style is the twiggy - but i only have one twiggy... I really love the city its the perfect bag - great size, shape :nuts: i have 2 cities and 2 firsts but i only use ONE of the firsts.... overall - LOVE the twiggy and city... wish i had more twiggys and cities!!! Maybe one day i'll get a day/hobo too! :wlae:
  10. I don't know. I was pretty faithful to the city until I got a first. Now the first is my favorite. I think I would rather have more firsts than more variety. IDK. :hrmm:
  11. I love variety in my Bbags. I really love the city, work and twiggy.
  12. i love variety of b-bags is styles and colours.
    but i've decided i don't really like twiggy and box
  13. I love the city, but will get a day and a twiggy in 07, but me too I prefer the shoulderstrap.
  14. With bbags I like the city because its the perfect size for me. When I get bags I normally get the same color but in different styles but for some reason I don't mind getting different colors of this style. I think if it was for any other brand I would probably think twice about getting the same style over and over again.
  15. This is where b-bags are really dangerous. They've got it covered on both ends: plentiful styles, plentiful colors. If I'm not diversifying my colors, I'm diversifying the styles! I pretty much love most of the styles. Still waiting to experience the box, and weekender. Work is on the way, can't wait!