Faith has a reveal of an unpopular bag, but please look, anyway

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  1. So I have read that when this style came out, no one was too fond of it, which might be why I was able to snag it for a little more than the cost of a bottle of decent vodka with ebay bucks. Depending on how this week goes, I'll either still be thrilled with the bag come Friday, or sad that I have no alcohol.

    I've been good about sticking to my wish list for purchases, but since I recently sold off my only patent bag and didn't have a replacement on said list, I figured it an acceptable cheap. If anyone's around, I will post more, but here's a hint

  2. What is it??!! :nuts:
  3. :popcorn: I'm here!!!
  4. Ohh :nuts: I like it already!

  5. ooooooh exciting!!!
  6. i'm here! :whistle:
  7. I can't wait, either! :nuts:
  8. im here!
  9. Sorry for the wait, unexpected company! But I have a few minutes.

    I love the zipper on the handle, it's big enough to slip gum or a bit of cash into so I'm not going in and out of the bag so much. Not to tease but I'm getting pulled away for dinner so I'll finish up later

  10. :ninja:

    oh faith!! you are such a tease!! :couch:lol!!!
  11. i know what it is! whoo hoo!
  12. whatever it is, is looks HOT!
  13. Okay so maybe I'm a little bit of tease, Christine ;)

    It's the Ursula Lee from Spring 06. I wasn't entirely sure of it from the listing photo but in person, it's completely adorable, and I love the leather lining. I gave my little stam a break and transferred everything into it today.

  14. Ooh!! Leather lined! :drool: Gorgeous color, too! Congrats on your new bag!!
  15. OMG I love it!!!!

    So classy and sassy.

    It's the perfect size and leather lined. Great score Faith!