Fairy bag in the U.k ??

  1. Hi I have fell in love with this new season Prada bag and would love to get one.

    Just wondering if anyone else in the u.k has already got one and whereabouts

    you got it from?

    Is there much of a waiting list and wheres the best place to go, to get one??

    Also just wondering if you can protect this bag at all with anything??spray maybe??

    thanks in advance ..
  2. Hi. I am on several waiting lists at different Prada stores. I hope that I can get it. One SA told me that the bags are not treated and that you should not do this to it. There is a thread that i posted about the "delicate"warning that i received about this bag. I was glad to hear that there are a few women who actually use this bag everyday. That really sold me because I want to use it ... I can't enjoy it sitting in the closet:nogood:

    I found this article on line yesterday. It says that many are being bought by people in pther countries and that only a small % of Americans even have it. This is the article: http://threadtrend.com/2008/02/22/pradas-fairy-bag-a-spring-must-have-that-you-cant-get/

    Call around & Good luck:smile:
  3. Call Prada 5th Ave, 212-664-0010, Ask For Keiko!!!

    She Just Called To Say She Had The Bag, But I Was On The Other Line With Madison Ave And I Got Ot From Them!!
  4. ^^^ oh wow, many thanks will give them a ring.
    I was hoping to buy it in the u.k so that I could see the bag before buying it as I guess you can`t send it back if you change your mind!!

    Also do you know which style of bag they have as there are 2 styles??
  5. I've seen the fairy bag out at the Prada in Harrods. Maybe you can ring them and ask - I find harrods usually very helpful with info.
  6. ^^^ Oh thank you , a days shopping in Harrods what a brilliant idea!!!