Factory store return question

  1. I got as a gift a bag that has a Factory Store tag on it. It's a bubblegum pink leather Soho Pocket Flap purse, and I looooovvve it EXCEPT: it has two slashes in the leather of the strap - one through one of the leather cuffs, and one between the belt-buckle-holes at the end of the strap. (Don't know if that made any sense.... but here's a picture:


    I didn't take a picture of the other one.

    Since it still has the factory tags on it, though I have no gift receipt, can I possibly take this back to a Factory Store for merch credit or something? I actually really like this purse, but the slashes just kind of kill it for me.

    What do you think?
  2. call the factory store and see if they have another one, if you really like the bag! I wonder how it got all cut up like that. I too would cry.
  3. Oh jeez, I'm sorry I missed that post! Thanks for the link.

    Now... do I keep it because I like it and I don't think I'll be able to just exchange for an unblemished one, or do I just get a merch credit (probably less than the tag value, but since the price tearoff is torn off I don't know what that is) and pick something smaller but undamaged?
  4. It seems like a wayward box-cutter accident, but still a bummer. The friend who gave it to me is not quite the purse hound that I am, so probably didn't examine the strap, just picked up a cute bag. Le sigh.
  5. I am so bummed! The Factory Store couldn't take it back, because as it turns out it was from TJ MAxx (I Don't know how that was determined, but I trust the coach folks to know...) I called the 800 number to see if the strap could be replaced or repaired, and it turns out that no, no replacement strap OR strap repair either! I feel bad that my friend spent however much money on a purse that I LOVE but that has such a glaring defect. :/ Sad, sad sad.

    Thanks for the advice yesterday, anyway.
  6. I would just kindly tell your friend what you told us, that you love it but it has the slash marks.. if the tags are still attached I am sure she can probably return it to TJMaxx ;)
  7. I would do the same.
    I'm sorry you are having to go through this.
    The color is super beautiful tho, I love it!
  8. I know, I love it too. I am really dragging my feet on approaching my friend, because she was so excited to find it for me. :sad: I almost feel bad not being able to overlook it because I don't want to hurt her feelings.

    Maybe I could tie something around the strap on that spot... but it is the top part of the strap, not near where it connects to the bag. :sad:

    I'm going to see if maybe I can find a good local leather repair person.... Even though it was a gift, I'd almost rather pay to have it fixed than make my friend feel bad....
  9. i hope you can fix it. it's a gorgeous bag from what i can tell.
  10. The slash would bug me too, but I probably wouldn't approach my friend about it because then she'd feel bad. But, maybe try tying a Coach scarf around that part, would that work? If not & it really bugs you, then I'd approach your friend. You don't want her to have spent the money on the bag & then never use it because it bugs you. Good luck!

    Just thought of something else, maybe check at TJ MAXX to see what their policy is on exchanging it...can't hurt! :smile: