Factory Overruns?

  1. I have been looking for Marc Jacobs dresses for the winter. I noticed that some sellers have "factory overrun" as the description of their items. What does this mean?
  2. It probably means it's fake....
  3. I see a lot of that on ebay too and I'm too scared to buy them. You should try finding Marc Jacobs sale at some online stores like NM, Saks or Nordstrom. I bought a Marc Jacobs dress online at Nordstrom 2 months ago for about $170. I hope you find something you like there.
  4. its when there are to many made.. or items that are made with a slight defect.
    like irrefular items... stuff that may have been damaged in shipping or at the factory..
  5. and they sell the stuff of to whomever like an as is and then they do whatever with it
  6. I really don't think those designers do that....

    They may be made in the same factories and then the factories themselves create a few extra to sell ... but a lot of these labels that I think you are talking about are NOT made in China so this is not the case....

    So what it really means is that they're fake.
  7. Well, I skipped those auctions with factory overruns in the description. The Saks just opened here so I can buy MJ from there now! thanks for the responses!
  8. sonia, please dont guess... factory overrun simply means slightly damaged items manufactured by the original brand manufacturer! they cannot be sold in the big stores because they dont adhere to brand standards. they are definitely originals!:okay:
  9. ^^This can be true, but lots of sellers of fakes also claim they are selling factory overruns.

  10. ita! i would def be careful about buying factory overruns from people online. sometimes stores like tjmaxx or marshalls buy factory overruns because the brand as well as the store it is being sold at feels that the garment is not up to there own quality standards (maybe the stitching is a pantone shade off) but to a discount store this is fine and they buy them. but an individual person is not usually able to get their hands on a factory overrun so i would be wary.
  11. Many of these designers have factories in China simply because it is more viable where labour is cheaper. In the process of making the garment, some of the pieces do not pass the QC due to slight irregularity. These "defective" pieces get into the hands of people who are willing to take them in at a fraction of what the "perfect" pieces would normally cost and sell them as "overruns". Personally, I wouldnt classify them as fake. To me people who sell fake are those that "borrow" the original and replicate the design using similar materials and then put on the name bearing the label.