FACEBOOK, anyone?

  1. Is there anyone here that has facebook? if you do just write your email so we can add each other :smile:
  2. i'm around...irishdancer423@hotmail.com
  3. Hey I used to be an Italian dancer :nuts:
  4. I'm addicted to that site hehe.
    I'll add you..can you post your email? I'm kind of paranoid about putting mine out in public :p
  5. i have facebook. just ogt it.. love it.. hahah confusted on usin it
  6. Ok - I am a bit dense:shame: What is a facebook?
  7. Taken from..

    Facebook | Welcome to Facebook!
    Facebook is a social utility that connects you with the people around you.

    Facebook is made up of lots of separate networks — things like schools, companies, and regions.
    You can use Facebook to:
    • Share information with people you know.
    • See what's going on with your friends.
    • Look up people around you.

    :biggrin: It's a much better version of myspace. There's more security and it's easier to use.
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    I rarely use it really... x
  9. what is it?
  10. i've been using facebook since it first started and it was in big universities only! moonpie@uga.edu to add me!
  11. I saw a thread asking if anyone was a Myspacer, and since I'm not but I have a Facebook, I was wondering if anyone else did.

    If you do, post how to search for you here, or PM me! :smile: I'll PM you back with how to find me. I'd love to increase my friends circle, especially on Purse Forum!

    If you don't want to add anyone, just post that you use Facebook...no need to explain how to find you :tup:
  12. Hi! I'm new to the purse forum (well and facebook too, for that matter!) but my id there is pamperingbeki.

    I'll see if I can figure out how to add you. :smile: