Face painting!!

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  1. Does anyone here face paint?? I love face painting. I work for a childrens party company so I face paint a lot of little stuff (nothing fancy). I found it to be very therapeutic! And can literally do it for hours on end.

    If you have any photos please share with us!! I have a few, I'm working one on one with my boss, currently working making a photo book of everything we are able to offer in terms of face painting. I'm just a bit self conscious of sharing my drawings because I don't think I'm that good. But again, if you have any photos you'd like to share, please do so!! :flowers:
  2. i've never done it (although i'm a painter) but i love the full face designs that places come up with now. i just saw one last weekend it was a puppy face with the tongue sticking out! so cute. so much more fun than just your regular run of the mill heart or star.
    i'm sure it would be fun to do but i'd be so terrified that i would screw up!