Food Fabulous restaurants in NY?


Jun 9, 2008
Brighton, UK
Hi all! I usually only lurk in the CL subforum but tonight am calling upon all any NYC peeps for some recommendations on restaurants in Manhatten please?

My BF and I are coming over for a weekend in September and would like to eat in a couple of really nice restaurants - I'm looking for fine dining type cuisine (but nothing too unusual or bizarre!), modern and quite funky and of course YUMMY food! :P

Any thoughts?

TIA :flowers:


Jan 3, 2008
The Modern at MOMA- I had a fantastic meal here last week. It is the restaurant in the Museum of Modern Art
11 Madison Park
Allen & Delancey- cool place on the Lower East Side
Babbo or Scarpetta for Italian
Mar 19, 2007
artisinal .. great french food in murray hill
tribeca grill.. just good food
capital grill in the chysler bldg -- great steak
tao-- a hot spot
lips -- a grag queen rest - if ur into that .. lol
johnny utah's --a bbq / south western bar w/ a mechanical bull
dinosaur bbq - uptown
sylvia's -- great southern comfort food in harlem
bryant park grill in bryant park -- really nice
serafina - italian
mr.chow --love this place!
shun lee west in columbus circle - great chinese food
haru in times square - japenese
STK - steak house
ill giglio-- italian / downtown
tony's - italina / yimes square
spotlight live - karoke place / rest / club

Le ' ecole -- my favorite rest .. it's downtown in the french culinary inst. it;s prefix .. cooked by the students .. but u have to call and make reservations.. do not be late they will give ur table away ..

great bar -- redemption in the 50's and PS450 in murray hill ..
have fun .. there is no place like NYC ..


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Aug 27, 2006
LaLa Land
baltazar is my fav for fries, steak & spagetti carbona
as far as steak, peter lugers is Unbelievable but its in williamsburg, brooklyn ( not far at all from the city)

angelo's in Little Italy is my absolute favorite for italian...unreal how good it is! my favorite is the mancotti, baked clams & the bread is TDF!! ferrara's around the corner has the most delicious pastries!!
Eileens cheescake is right around there too and if you like cheescake OMG you will be in heaven there!!

Tao is fun to sexy late nite cocktails & appetizers

The bEst pizza ever is at Patsy's off Columbus!! you will seriosuly be in ecstasy!!

I LOVE food :yahoo:
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Happy Hour Darling
Dec 21, 2006
Serafina is awesome - and has multiple locations. I like Silver Spurs down on Houston near SoHo for a yummy lunch before shopping.

Columbus has some fun wine bars....bin 71, wine & roses. Great street to walk up from 66th to the 80s and just pick from whatever you like. Tons of great restaurants.


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Dec 22, 2007
I lived in NY for a few years (still love it there!!) and I vote for Mr. Chow...the food is AMAZING.:tup:


May 1, 2008
11 Madison Park is my first choice. Definitely. It's a nine to 12 course meal. The waiters are so attentive and everything is so detailed. They explain all the ingredients to you when they "present" your dishes. I always feel like a judge on Iron Chef whenever I go there. The waiters put a dome over my dish when I go to the powder room. It still cracks me up a bit. Their mashed potatoes are heavenly (I know, it's a poor man's food but they make it so well!). You also get a take home gift (I've taken cookies and brioche home before). A driver for the company my bf works for recommended it when we asked where he often takes the employees for meals.

Jean Georges is another place to visit (it's up near Columbus Circle). It's a fancy place like 11 Madison Park but their food is overall delicious. It's also right next to Central Park (and close to Fifth Ave shopping!). You can go to Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bakery for desserts at the Time Warner Center across the street. Their cookies are amazing. Landmarc is in the same building. I go for the view, their homemade taffy (I always ask for extras), and their moules frites (you can choose from half a dozen sauces).

Dinosaur BBQ is good but it's in a more grungy part of the UWS (or rather, Morningside Heights/Manhattanville). Don't let that deter you. Their ribs are delicious.

We go to Pearls (on Cornelia, right near all the good shopping!) for oysters. I recommend the baked oysters with cheese on top.

You can also try Park Avenue Summer (or maybe Park Avenue Autumn by the time you come). The restaurant changes their menu and decor with the seasons (hence the name changes). The waitstaff is not as attentive as 11 Madison Park but then the price is much lower. I love their desserts here. They are such works of art.


Apr 28, 2008
New Jersey
I used to live in Manhattan and the best part is the variety of food. Here are some of my faves:

Union Square Cafe - great food, many ingredients straight from the Union Sq farmers Market
Le Bernadin - AMAZING!! went for our 4 yr wedding anniversary and the attention and ambience was fantastic
Daniel - also very nice service, the best I've ever had but I wasn't crazy about the food
Carmines - great family style italian
Dos Caminos - upscale Mexican
Johns on Bleeker - pizza
Tabla - fusion Indian
Spice Market - fusion Asian, great decor
Shake Shack - fun place in Madison Sq park for shakes, burgers, custard

I also know a ton of great no name spots so PM if you want!


Jun 9, 2008
Brighton, UK
Wow thank you so much to everyone for the great suggestions! I'm going to do some net surfing now to check some of those recommendations out! :flowers:


Jul 30, 2006
A new and sort of still unknown place (except to people in that neighborhood) that I'd highly recommend for dinner is "August" on Bleecker street. You definitely need reservations... but you can usually call ahead just a day or two in advance.

They have a back covered garden that is beautiful and romantic, and the food is AMAZING. It's a pretty small place and the menu is very rustic Euro/American food.

it's a few blocks away from Magnolia Bakery, so save room for dessert and go get Magnolia cupcakes after dinner.:nuts:


Amber Jessica
Mar 31, 2008
I'm reviving this thread :biggrin:

I didn't go to any of these restaurants but definitely will now!

Is Mr Chow where the SATC girls would get their takeaway from??



Amber Jessica
Mar 31, 2008
I've been watching old episodes of SATC to find nice restaurants, no such luck yet...

I'm excited to see what you all know though!