Fab experience at Northpark boutique

  1. I have to say, I absolutely love the boutique at Northpark Mall in Dallas. I love going in there because the SA's are always so nice and helpful. I'd been window shopping in there forever before finally going in to buy something post-Christmas this year (when my Coach madness began!!!) and started developing a relationship with one of the SA's, who recognizes me now when I come in. She even helped my husband pick out my birthday present and asked today how I liked it. So sweet!

    Today I took my Hamptons signature leather mini-skinny in because one of the threads on the C's had already started coming unraveled--I've had it less than 2 months! I called Coach last night and an extremely nice SA listened to my explanation and told me to take it to the nearest boutique and they would waive the $20 repair fee since it was so new and send it in for me. When I showed the SA's today, the manager immediately said, "Go see if we have any in the back, we'll just exchange them out!" They didn't have them in red, so they ordered me one to be shipped to my home. I did express concern over the possibility of it happening again on a new one, but my SA just told me that if it does, bring it back in and I can get something different.

    I know that every experience differs because not all SA's are as interested in customer service (and believe me, I understand, because I used to be a retail manager--NEVER AGAIN!!!), but I just wanted to share my positive experience. They always make me feel like a million bucks in there, even if I don't spend a dime. What a way to ensure repeat business!
  2. That is great- not all of us can spend a ton at the boutique store (myself included) and it is good to hear you had such great service especially when I have heard some other horror stories recently.
  3. I LOVE Northpark. It's hard for me to get there but I love to go when I can. :yes:
  4. tanukiki, I'm totally spoiled...Northpark is less than 10 minutes from me on 75. It has gotten SO much better in the last couple years. I'm loving the new additions!!
  5. Northpark is my favorite in the area!! I've had the best experiences there
  6. OMIGOD!!!! I LOVE LOVE NORTHPARK CENTER. That is my favorite place to shop im going out there tomorrow and can't wait I havent been since Xmas. Im going have to stop by that Coach store if they're that nice. Im glad that you had such a good experience there.
  7. They are. I've been in there once and talked to an SA on the phone there twice.
  8. LOVE that mall! SO glad to hear positive feedback!:tup:
  9. I love the people in Northpark... I go here everytime I am in Dallas and sometimes do phone orders from them.