F06 Rouge aka Fire-Engine Red Twiggy

  1. Received my F06 rouge or fire-engine red twiggy today. Absolutely love the color. :love: The leather is quite different from that of the F05 rouge city I had at one time; it is much softer and thicker. :yes:
    F06 Rouge Twiggy 001.jpg F06 Rouge Twiggy 003.jpg
  2. so pretty! congrats!
  3. Oh Socal, thanks so much for the pics!!! The colour is fabulous! And the leather looks better overall cf the previous season. I love it!!! Rouge vif is definitely on my list. Just gotta work out what style now..
  4. It's beautiful! Congrats, SoCal! I'm glad to hear that the leather is thicker than that of this past season. :+) Thanks for posting pictures!
  5. someone call the fire department! this bag is on FIRE!!! gorgeous!

    I want it in a work... for sure now!
  6. It is so pretty...I want a larger bag too...
  7. lol :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  8. Ooh la la! Love it!!!!
  9. Yowzers!! Now that's a color that packs some punch!!! Love it!!! :heart: :heart:
  10. Wow! love the color! Is it from Bal-NY? I may need to replace the red city I sold. :graucho:
  11. All, Thanks again for your compliments, support, and good humor!
  12. I love the color!
  13. I sold my F05 rouge city a few months ago and have had minor regrets...but really wanted to wait for the new leather...now...so happy, so happy! :yes:

    I would have no qualms about ordering a second F06 rouge in another style...would like to take this one out immediately, but I am sooooo tired...off to bed for me...

    Oh and yes, from BalNY.
  14. wow!!!!!!! tres chaud! caliente. hot!:heart:
  15. Now that is one beautiful Bbag!:heart: :love: :heart: