F/W 2007 SHOW on vuitton.com!!!

  1. F/W 2007 SHOW on vuitton.com!!!;)
  2. on french site...
  3. Tried to watch it just now --- it keeps repeating the opening shots before the models come in. Dang, wonder what is wrong...

    Thank you for the update!

  4. Me too! Darn, what a tease!
  5. Ooo! some of those bags look great Love it! Thanks for the update
  6. Thanks for sharing :biggrin:
  7. oohh, love to see them in movement :heart:

    Note to myself: Get the pencil skirts and dramatic hats ready for next fall/winter :idea:

    btw, didn't I say 80s in the other thread?! Just look at those metallic material and the music :p I ABSOLUTELY :heart: the song :jammin:
  8. it doesn't work on my computer either
  9. Those are some nice bags! I want to see them closer.
  10. ooh I just get the looping vid too
  11. i get a looping video too
  12. The vid on my works, till the end of the show.

    I love the tempo of the music and everything on the models!
  13. the viewing screen is tooo small!!!