F/W 07 Limited Edition Clutch.... only One Available

  1. Hi Ladies :smile:

    The very much anticipated LE Edition Clutch/Flap with Pearls Strap is available in jumbo size at Saks Portland, OR. Pls look for Natalia :yes:

    I have to pass... its too big for me:sweatdrop: Better a PF'er get the bag.......pls dont forget to post pics to :drool: on!

    Here's more info: Courtesy by cjj post at Trunk show report

    *Limited edition: I would have gone for this if the hardware had been silver; only gold. It's a black lambskin clutch flap, with 2 chains that go across the front of the flap. One of the chains is a strand of CHanel pearls. This strand unhooks and becomes a Chanel necklace; GORGEOUS. Same quality, design and pearls used in Chanel Timeless strand of pearls. Also, it has a little fob that hangs down from one end and is a mirror. Can come off and be attatched to any Chanel purse, key chain, etc. $2600, there about.
  2. thanks for the info! :flowers: any photos of this bag? it's hard to imagine.
  3. its not cute.
    no offense bagdizzy.
  4. Is that the 2.55 Black with chanel pearl?
  5. is this at a store?
  6. Hi Swanky Mom...yep! its in Saks Portland, OR