F/W 07 Color Names for Barney's & NM's

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  1. I was just thinking that it would be really helpful when searching for Bbags across the country by phone, if we knew what names Barney's and NM's used for colors.

    I'm pretty sure that NM's gives each color a new name in their computer system. With Barney's, I'm not sure. Is it that they are giving the color a new name or am I just dealing with an SA who doesn't know much about Balenciaga?

    I'm finding that when I phone department stores, the SA's usually don't know what color I'm talking about. For example this morning I was looking for Anthracite and the SA brought out "Navy" from 2006 :confused1: Was she talking about INK, I honestly have no clue.

    So, I thought that maybe this season with the new bags arriving, if we could post the names that they are using for these two department stores in particular and I can post them with the upcoming fall swatches.

    Before I do this though, do you think this would be helpful? Do you know if the names that they are giving to the colors are consistent throughout each store?

    If those of you who live near NM's or Barney's could find out the color names and their coordinating Balenciaga names I think this could be really helpful to those of us who can't get to the stores in person.

    Let me know what you think.:smile:
  2. Cracker I think this is a great idea for all who live in the US! You have some great ideas!
  3. Trouble is getting an SA to talk to you that long!! LOL

    NW and I found a wonderful SA at NM in SF yesterday: she said she'd call when they new color orders were determined so I'll check with her then :yes:
  4. I was at NM and the SA scanned the bags Plomb and Mastic.
  5. YES this would be EXTREMELY HELPFUL!! THANK YOU! Neiman's also gives each color a numeric code - so it would be great to have the numeric code as well as the name.

    I can't tell you how frustrated I've been trying to explain Vert D'eau to Neiman's SAs. I still don't even know what Neiman's calls Vert D'eau (they always want to sell me Vert Gazon when I ask for Vert D'eau).
  6. There may be some consistency with the Plomb, Mastic, Violine, etc names, as opposed to the "nicknames" given to the colors at BNY (Steel, Oatmeal, Grape, etc.). Those guys need to go to lunch or something.
  7. The SA at Nordies told me that Anthracite was "Galet" in the Nordies system :confused1:

    (btw, they have a GH Part Time in Anthracite now)
  8. hmmm. I think galet was the original name from the swatches, I guess from Balenciaga, before BNY anglicized them. The real problem is when NM, for example, comes up with yet another layer of English names for the colors, which they do in some cases.
  9. Okay, that's it.......on Wednesday, I'm heading to Palm Beach NM's and I'll see what I can come up with as far as names and possibly numeric codes in their system. JJ, my SA down there, seemed very helpful and the most knowledgeable down there. I'll start with the new upcoming colors for Fall and then work my way back. If anyone wants to volunteer for Barney's or Nordies, let me know.
  10. i'll check out the Barneys here and see what i come up with. i'll report back for duty tomorrow, tuesday! :okay:
  11. My SA at NM called today to tell me they had new bags w/silver gh just in. I am going tomorrow to look at them, will try to find out some color/name info.
  12. Galet...........that's just lovely, get it together people. No wonder I can't find my flippin' bag!:cursing:
  13. That is so obnoxious.
  14. I've been hounding my SA at NM for the past couple of weeks and I've also studied the colors in their system. The names are all in French. There's also a guide that comes out in "The Book" at the beginning of each season with the new colors for that season listed but the names are in English. Then they list the colors that NM bought in each style under the pic of the purse. It's like trying to crack a code, I tell you! Off the top of my head, I know "01" is black or nero and I've forgotten the rest. I'll be back at NM again on Wednesday to hassle my SA, so I'll report back after!