f/w 05 Chocolate City

  1. Ooooh! It's beautiful! If there wasn't a chocolate coming this S/S, I would be all over this!:heart:
  2. Yummy color - good price!
  3. I agree, that's a beautiful bag. I wish I liked brown!
  4. Do you guys think it`s authentic?:P
    Does anyone know?
  5. Absolutely authentic.
  6. i think it's authentic too, i have the same bag and it's my favorite! i wear it all the time because it goes with everything. go for it
  7. Yeah, guys I got it......:yahoo: :yahoo:
    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: I`m sooo happy....
    I will share it with you.
  8. YAY!!! Congratulations, I can't wait to see pics!!!
  9. congrats swissflower! woohoo! :party:
  10. congrats!! i just got an '05 chocolate brown hobo. you will love this color. it is even better IRL.
  11. Thanks you two.....I will love it, pics will follow:P :nuts: :jammin: