Eyeshadow dilema! Help!

  1. Hello everyone! OK I have a problem, I dont know how to apply eyeshadow! I mean I wear make-up everyday but I only buy the duo eyeshadows and put the darker color on the lid and the lighter color above, but its getting a little old. I want a new look for night time--that makes my eyes pop! Any tips?
  2. I would first of all suggest you go to a department store and ask an SA what she thinks would look good on you and then have her show you how to apply it.

    What I do at night time when I don't have a lot of time is just use an eyeliner brush and go around the entire outter lid (upper and bottom). I use a dark purple that almost looks black from MAC and you can do the line a bit thicker to create more of a smokey look or just smudge it a little bit with your eye shadow brush.

    Also do you have brushes or do you use what comes with your eyeshadow? I found it really hard to apply make up before I bought brushes.

    Good luck
  3. Thanks for the reply, I have actually gone to the counters before but they were more concerned with making a sale then trying to help me. I will try the outlining around the eye like you suggested sounds like it will look nice. As for the brushes I use whatever comes with the shadow. Is this bad?
  4. why not ask around at spas/salons in your area...see if they offer a "makeup technique" class. It might be marketed as a "teen" thing...but it's still a one-on-one with a makeup artist who will show you how to apply YOUR makeup...not try to sell you theirs.
  5. If you have a hair salon near you, some might hire make-up artists that might be able to teach you. Also, if there is a Sephora near you and they have a make-up company rep. there, they do make-overs. I had one done from a rep. from Pout and she was great. She took the time to teach me how to apply everything. An eyeshadow brush with hair, not the foamy stuff works well for me. Good luck.
  6. A good brush makes a big difference. The ones that come with the compact dont really work for application, however the little foamy ones that come with some are great for fixing smudges for those of us who are less that neat when applying mascara! :idea:
  7. i would check out some japanese beauty/fashion mags. they have tutorials. also if you go on youtube.com type 'makeup tutorial' in the search. there are some good ones.

    try here too:


    have fun learning...

    i dont really suggest mu counnters as i am rarely satisfied with their application. then again i am a makeup freak.....
  8. I'm finding out the same thing re. brushes. I was not really into eyeshadows, only wore now and then. Maybe its this forum but did just purchase some chanel shadows/kit which came with brushes. THey definately do make a difference. Chanel.com also has some tutorial w/video that shows how to apply. check it out.
  9. I work at Merle Norman idk if they have any where you live but the main thing we do are "lessons" to show you how and where to apply the makeup.
  10. Thanks guys I was away over the weekend so I wasn't able to check the suggessitions you guys made but they're all great ideas! Thanks for your time! I checked out some tutorials and am psyched to try it out! Also there is a Merle Norman around me so I'm going to check that out as well when I get some free time! Thanks again eveyone!
  11. I use the three color principle , light color goes all over the lid and to below the brow bone , then medium color goes on across the lid then the dark color oges on the outter half of the lid and in the crease , the light color on the inside makes my eyes look more open , then I load up on mascara , you can never have too much mascara on:idea: