eyelash exstensions

  1. so I just got some last week and LOVE THEM!!!:yahoo:

    I'm going back next week to have her make them even fuller.

    Anyone else have them?

    What eye creams do you use? All mine have glycol in them and i am not to use anything w/that, so they said.

    Also how do you all wash your face and eyes without rubbing? I don't want to ruin them since it cost $300 to get them done.

  2. Eyelash Extensions ? Please elaborate ! I've never heard of them , are they expensive ? how long do they last ? Are they mink ? Thnx !
  3. How much did you pay? When I checked one place $200 the other $300
  4. Had them last year...:yes:
    they looked great! specially on someone like me
    who have very short and thin eyelashes.:shame:
    But as much as I loved them it was too hard to maintain them...
    cant wash my face like I used too, like rub it clean with soap and water,
    had to be careful around the eyes... gently clean the area...
    and gently dry them too.
    after a few weeks of not being able to totally clean my eye area
    the skin on my lashes were getting itchy.:Push:
    had to sleep face up as to not ruin them by rubbing on the pillows... :huh:
    by the time all of the extensions were out,
    my poor short and thin lashes... were very much thinner!:sad:
    I love the extensions but just could'n't maintain them.
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