Eyebrow Tattoo after tips??

  1. I just got my eyebrows tattooed on Sunday and the woman didn't even provide me with any after care instructions, other than "Do not touch it". :wtf:

    I can't seem to find anything helpful on the web.

    Is there anyone who's gotten their eyebrows tattooed or happens to know a permanent makeup person and can let me know the after card instructions? How often should I wash it? With what should I wash it? What types of ointments should i put on it, if anything? Neosporin? Petroleum Jelly?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  2. Just keep applying a thin film of neosporin to your eyebrows. Whatever you do, do NOT pick at them. You'll be tempted to because they will eventually scab up on you but not in a horrifying way. Just keep the neosporin on it to prevent any infection and you'll be fine. Are you happy with the way they look? I got mine done 3 years ago and they definitely need to be touched up.....
  3. I only have tattoos on my body, not eyebrow tattoos, but I would recommend regular tattoo aftercare, because that's really all they are. I wouldn't suggest Neosporin, but rather fragrance-free lotion, as LITTLE as possible that will spread over your eyebrows and absorb. You do not want lotion-y fingers when you're done putting it on. Do NOT pick at them, even though they itch. It's going to look funny, but you need to slap them when they itch. Don't get them wet in the shower/when washing your face. Do NOT touch them without washing your hands thoroughly. Stay out of the sun if possible, or wear a hat. Don't go into a swimming pool or hot tub until they are fully healed. More information:

  4. ^ Agree with Pip. Treat it as a normal tattoo. Use fragrance free, dye/color free lotion.
  5. Thanks for the tips! I am thinking about using Cetaphil for sensitive skin...it seems to fit the "fragrance free and color/dye free" criteria.

    Is there a reason why I shouldn't use Neosporin? That would have been my first natural reaction product to use.
  6. Thanks for the tip Gigi. I am happy with the overall shape. But the color is VERY dark--which I know will fade when all the healing is done.

  7. Use neosporin to help prevent infection. The lotion will just keep it moist.
  8. My stepmom used to do permanent tattoos. I just had mine done last night. Her tips:

    -DO NOT let water get on it for four days. You will have to find a way to wash your face and shower without letting water touch it.
    -Apply heavy duty moisturizer (not Vaseline, but she gave me this other kind that has the same texture. Maybe Eucerin? Can't remember the name) twice a day.
    -Don't pick at it. Make sure the tattoo does not get dry until about 4 days later.
  9. The body will keep infection at bay just fine, plus the only way it'll get infected is if you touch it with dirty hands.

    From the link I provided:

    **Do not use Neosporin. This is a wonderful product for cuts and scrapes, but not for tattoos. Some can have an allergic reaction to the Neosporin, which causes little red bumps. When the bumps go away, so does the ink, and you end up with a polka-dotted tattoo.**
  10. Another reference that advises against using Neosporin:


    Again, you also have to realize that every person you ask will have different advice for you because different people respond to different things. I think it's really shady that your artist didn't give you ANY aftercare information... I'd suggest finding somewhere else if you need to do a touch-up.
  11. I found this hope it helps


    After Care For Permanent Cosmetics:
    If there is any swelling immediately after the procedure, an ice pads should be applied for no more than 15 minutes at a time.
    You may experience the following for several days after the procedure.
    1. Eyelashes or eyebrows sticking together in the morning. Rinse eyes with eye wash daily for 5 days. If eyes continue to stick together inform us ASAP so we can get drops for your eyes.
    2. Puffy eyes
    3. Light bruising near eyelid or brow area.
    4. Apply artificial tears four times per day for 10 days.
    5. Do not rub skin when washing your face for at least 10 days.
    6. Do not pick or scratch tattooed area.
    7. Do not wear contacts after eyeliner procedure.
    8. Do not wear makeup on tattooed area until area has healed.
    9. Use sun screen after healed, and get color checked on a regular basis. Creams, lotions can alter color of ink and may need to be adjusted.
    10. Do not put anything at all on tattooed area except emu oil or light organic vegetable oil. Do not apply lotions, tanning creams, makeup, etc. on the tattooed area while healing.
    11. The tattooed area will be dark for the first several days and will fade. Lips will fade about 50% after the first three days into a natural shade.
    12. Stay out of chlorinated pools for at least 1 week.
    13. Do not use antibiotic ointment.
    14. If cold sores are seen on lip area, call your doctor for a Valtrex prescription ASAP. Put nothing else on the lip area!
    15. If your eyes are red from the eyeliner procedure you can use an eye wash that can be purchased at any drug store. An eye wash that contains boric acid work well.
    16. You should put vaseline on your lips every hour for the first three weeks. This will prevent dryness.
    17. If you experience an allergic reaction contact your doctor ASAP, and contact Cheryl Steinberg.
    Note: inform your Doctor if you plan on having laser so that he can cover the tattooed area. Also, collagen and permanent makeup do not mix! If you want collagen, get collagen first and permanent makeup after. You may have to get more touchups with collagen because of the lip's distortion after collagen
    Please note that exact color can not be known and may need to be adjusted. All skin is different and some take the color better than others. One touchup is normally required in addition to once a year maintenance. More touchups are required for difficult skin. There are no refunds on permanent makeup procedures. Please do not get this procedure if you are not able to get the required touchups.
  12. Oh my goodness. You ladies are braver than I am. :roflmfao:
  13. can you post pics, I'd like to see the results.
  14. ^ me too! I am considering getting it done...