Eye pendant necklace

  1. What do you think of this necklace? Do you think it's weird? I think it's a bit creepy, but yet I like that it's unusual. Don't feel the need to buy it though. What do you think?

    Gerard Yosca - $170

    Here are more pieces from Gerard Yosca.
  2. Kat, you find the coolest jewelry. Where is this jewelry sold btw? I wouldn't wear the eye pendant but it does remind me of edwardian eye jewelry - I believe that they used to paint an eye on a pendant, the eye of their lover, as a sort of homage in public in a private manner. Hehe, I love the idea...
  3. Oh man ... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this work!!! I've always been into Skulls, Snakes, etc. (even though I would totally freak out if a 'real' Snake crossed my path in real life!!!).

    I totally love the last Skull earrings ... where can you get these????

    BTW ... you familiar with Tom Binns? He's become very popular as of late, but always did this type of work.

    Some others ... but less well-known:
    1) Sally Hawthorne
    2) Ugo Cacciatore
    3) Luis Morais
    4) Great Art/Hlywd
    5) Crazy Pig (London)
    6) Mended Veil
    7) Exhibitionist - Michael Spirito
    8) Sydney Evan (some talismanic work)
    9) Rachel Leigh
    10) Georgia Fletcher

    just to name a few!!
  4. I actually found these pieces on NM's website.:P
  5. Thanks for the info. I like the skull earings to. I found these pieces on NM's website.:P
  6. Those are cool! But I would never wear them..except for the skull pieces:P
  7. I like them and I'd wear any of them quite happily! :biggrin:
  8. The overall design of the eye pendant necklace is quite nice. However, I do agree that the eye itself is a tiny bit creepy - I keep thinking that if I stare at this pendant long enough, the eye will blink back at me, lol!
  9. At the jewelry counter (where I would take shifts come Christmas time) they had these eye bracelets and key chains.

    (In Greece, it's supposed to be good luck. I'm sorry, but I find those creepy! They look like glass eyes!)

    In this collection, I probably wouldn't do the eye, but the spider looks cool.