eye cream..la mer or chanel sublimge

  1. which is the best one? thanks
  2. I tried chanel sublimage and it is way too greasy for me ( always been looking for the perfect eye cream). I definitely love La Mer eye concentrate...it goes into the skin around the eye so fast without feeling greasy at all. :tup:
  3. I've only used samples of each but my vote would be chanel. i actually liked it because it was a little creamier than the la mer.
  4. I liked LaMer and thought Chanel had a strange odor to me. My favorite eye creams are by Jo Malone.
  5. May I suggest Shiseido BioPerformance Super Eye Contour Cream? It works quite well for me
  6. it depends. . . what are your needs? What are you needing them for?

    I love all things Sublimage. . . VERY nourishing.
  7. Hmmm...I love the regular La Mer creams, but the eye cream didn't do a lot for me. I'd try the Chanel, or better yet one of these, which are very highly rated by consumers (check out reviews on line):
    1) (for anti-aging) Kinerase
    2) (for all around anti-aging, anti-dark-circles) Prevage

    I have the Prevage, and it works really well!
  8. I LOVE Sublimage..Chanel products are amazing. La Mer has bad eye cream..but the other products have worked wonders on me. :shrugs:
  9. I've heard good things about Sublimage from some people I highly respect. I have tried the LM eye cream and it was OK. If you want some good eye cream, try Natura Bisse. They have great skin care products. I swear by them.
  10. Are you only interested in those two brands? Amour Pacific has very good eye creams, I love them!
  11. i was also thinking about this one..do you prefer this over la mer or chanel? thanks
  12. Anti aging
  13. la mer is not known for their eye cream. it really does nothing..it's extremely light. chanel does wonders and smells amazing!!