Extremely loved first LV wallet

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  1. Yay got my sarah wallet today in monogram !! It is in super condition since it is 5 yrs old made in USA still amazed how nice it is only issue is the zipper pull is flaking and well worn but other wise super super happy even got to use the 10% off code on yoogis closet i was super excited to get the original box and dust bag :smile: i don't like the new sarah design so for me this is a great find now off to band island cause I have gone crazy these on buying LV these last 2 mths !!

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  2. Congrats! Wallets are the best. Most used pieces in my collection.
  3. Congrats!!
  4. Congrats!! I have the same wallet and absolutely love it! Enjoy!!
  5. Congrats!
  6. congrats! I am sure they can replace the zipper pull for you for free and on the spot if you can bring it in.
  7. Congrats on a great find!
  8. Nice!
  9. congrats :smile:
  10. Awe thanks all very nice of you :smile: i am so I love with my little LV family I have now !
  11. Great find, beautiful condition. Congrats on your Sarah!
  12. Congrats and enjoy! I love it when pre-loved includes the LV box and dust bag!
  13. Congratulations!
  14. I have the same wallet & I LVoe it so much that I have no desire to look at other ones. Enjoy!
  15. Congrats. I wouldn't worry about the zipper pull. They change that complimentary if the part is avaliable