Exploring new bags...


Which one is your favorite?

  1. Pont Neuf

  2. Passy

  3. Croisette PM

  4. Neither!...Not my cup of tea!

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  1. I was browsing Elux earlier today and saw these three bags. I love them!!!!!! Do you have one? Which one is your favorite????

    I love Pont Neuf!!!!


    Croisette PM
  2. Not crazy for any of them but if I was to choose, I would take the Passy for sure. :smile:
  3. I will go for passy
  4. I like the first two, The Croisette PM is kind of hard to get into & the stiffness limits what you can carry.everyone I know that has a Passy loves it, if that helps.
  5. Passy looks very roomy but there's something about Pont Neuf that I just love. Thanks for your reply!
  6. I saw Passy in person and it's STUNNING!!!:love:
  7. I love the pont neuf, but I like the croissette as well !
  8. I was thisclose to getting the pont neuf because I'd loved what I had seen on ELux, but chose the epi speedy 25 instead because the PN seriously looked like something a much older woman would carry. Even the SA said that I was too young for it, and I'm 27.

    It's a totally roomy and beautifully designed bag, though.
  9. Passy :heart: It's so sophisticated, a perfect work bag!
  10. the passy is gorgeous!!! :love:
  11. REALLY???? But it looks so good on Elux! Thanks for letting me know though!
  12. They are not really my style, but if I had to chose I would take the Passy.
  13. Ditto!:yes:
  14. Passy Is Hot Hot Hot!
  15. I will have to say the passy.