Expandable flap colors?? I need a red Chanel!

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  1. Ok girls, I'm on the hunt for a few bags on my list this year and I wondered what colors were made in the expandable flap. I know there was brown, black and white but did they make any colors like red or salmon??? I need a red bag for my collection and I'd love a red EF. I'm sure if they made one it'd be impossible to locate!! I've been scouring eBay and consignment stores like crazy!! TIA :shame:
  2. There was a red and a salmon one. I should've grabbed the red when I had a chance. I didn't know if I was in love with the shade of red enough to justify purchasing it at the time, but I regret it now. I also hope to eventually find a brown one. Good luck.
  3. It came in brown, navy, cream, camel, black, red, and a salmon pink color.
  4. Oh wow, in navy too!! I must start my search now! Has anyone ever had luck with Craig's list? I'm a bit leary to look there. Thanks girls!!
  5. I have it in brown and RED.I have to say the red gets my fave vote!LOL! Its such a killer color IRL!I wear a black winter coat so it pops a bit of color into my outfits when I go out!
  6. Ooooo Jill, can we see a picture please? Does it have the darker color hardware? I can just imagine how beautiful it is :girlsigh:
  7. Jill has the Expandable Tote in red, but if you want to look at the Flap version, search for clk55girl (Jenn), she has the red one (along with white and black).
  8. ^NOPE!
    I got the expandable flap in red!LOL!....Its a fab bag!
  9. The red expandable is really beautiful, in either the tote or flap. Perhaps Saks can locate one for you?